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DIY Sugar Cookie Kit

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Assorted Sets

Assorted Sets

Halloween Cookie Pre-Sale

Get ready to elevate your trick-or-treat night with Micah Made Cookies' Halloween cookie DIY kits, and other Halloween treats! These buttery-soft treats not only make for fantastic gifts for all but are also the perfect sweet companion for a spooktacular Halloween night!

Available Items: 

DIY Sugar Cookie Kit ($32/Half Dozen; $40/Full Dozen)

- 6 or 12 warm citrus-vanilla sugar cookies in various Halloween shapes

- 3 icing bags full of marshmallow-y fluff

- 2 containers of the MOST festive sprinkles

- 2 lil scribes (for smoothing perfection)

- Instructions

- Fun and sweet memories for you and your fam!

Half or Full Dozen Assorted Decorated Halloween Cookies ($36/Half Dozen; $58/Full Dozen)

- 3-4 designs in each assortment; May range from ghosts to witch hats, pumpkins to candy corn, and more!

Individual Cookies (along with other exclusive treats) will be available first-come, first-served at Cafe ConMigo on 10/28/23 from 8a-2p 

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