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Nice to Meet You!


Cookies have always been a love in my life. I fondly remember eating Fig Newtons with my grandfather as a toddler, selling tons of Thin Mints with my fellow Girl Scouts, and making all sorts of treats for bake sales when I was a teacher/librarian. I now enjoy spending precious time with my own little ones in the kitchen whilst trying to perfect cookie recipes for future generations.  

I'm a Pittsburgh native, wife, and working mom (with two beautiful babes) who bakes during naptime. I love being artistic and bringing joy to others through sweets. One day I came across a picture of sugar cookies in a magazine that I attempted to recreate for my daughter's birthday party, and I was quickly drawn into the art of the process. I began to obsess over icing consistency, butter to sugar ratios, and oven temperature. My daughter and I worked for almost a year on our recipe, and we achieved our goal when the Pittsburgh Post Gazette named it the best sugar cookie in Pittsburgh in 2021. My primary focus is to bring customers delicious cookies that also happen to look great.  I hope that you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them!  

Love, Micah

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