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13 Days of Swiftmas!

What better way to gift the SWIFTies in your life than with the an homage to the queen herself?! We're entering our red and green era soon, and I know all too well how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift!

The 13 Days of Swiftmas gift box contains: 

- 13 mini cookies (Taylor's birthday and favorite number)

- A friendship bracelet

- Fun stickers

- Swiftie freak-outs over this one-of-a-kind limited time gift

And it's all wrapped up, ready to gift in a pretty pink box with a bow!

What EVERMORE could you ask for?

Speak now - supplies are limited and it would be so sad if you had a blank space where the world's BEST gift should be! They will surely be beyond you or your Swifties' wildest dreams.

Price: $70

Any orders that come in prior to Midnight on November 18 will be automatically entered to win a Taylor-inspired cookie gift set. 

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